Our Mission

Welcome to Stomar. We are irish setter enthusiasts and breed on a limited basis. We show, train, and love our irish setters, which compete in conformation, agility, obedience, rally, and hunting events and enjoy working as companion and therapy animals.

Stomar Irish Setters

Our first irish setter, Glimmer, came to us in 2006 as a puppy.  Before this time, we have always had and continue to have Pembroke Welsh Corgis.   

Glimmer took us to our first Eukanuba National in 2010, as well as Westminister in 2013 and has worked obedience, rally, agility and met a few birds along the way.

Since, we have been actively involved with ISCA and ISCO, and met a wonderful group of people and dogs. 

Our mission is to raise quality irish setters that excel in the ring, field and the home.  Our dogs are companions before competitors and we emphasize balanced, sound, healthy animals with rollicking temperaments.  

We adhere to all code of ethics presented by ISCO and ISCA.

-D. Valente & D. Dennis, DVM,

Stomar Irish Setters and Gullybrook Pembroke Welsh Corgis