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Grooming & Handling

Stomar Irish Setters

While Irish Setters are our passion, we know there are wonderful aspects, people, and animals in all breeds of dogs.

We offer all breed grooming and AKC handling services. 

Please contact us for our upcoming show schedule, availability, & rates.

We have carefully planned litters and maintain a

list if interested parties well in advance. All potential 

breedings are carefully planned and take into

consideration all health clearances and risks, the

breed standards, temperament and the ISCO and ISCA code of ethics. We only breed a litter when we have a valid reason.  Once a breeding has been confirmed via radiograph or arrives, we contact those who have completed the questionnaire.  No puppy will be shipped or picked up by anyone other than the buyer. All puppies are sold under a spay/neuter agreement with AKC limited registration. Show puppies are sold only under private treaty. Inquiries are always welcome, if I do not have any puppies available I will happily refer you to another responsible breeder who may be expecting.

Inquiring ahead of time is very important. We will direct you to our Application on with standard questions for all prospective puppy buyers. There are no wrong answers. Honest & detailed answers help us to socialize and desensitize the puppies from birth to better prepare them for new homes. Personal preferences are taken into account but not guaranteed.

Remember to take care in planning a new addition to your family, ask for copies or records of health clearances (OFA certificates), meet the sire and dam, visit the home or kennel, speak with other reputable breeders, ask lots of questions, and plan far in advance to guarantee the quality you are receiving a is top quality, even if you aren't planning to show your puppy. 

Puppies are not inexpensive to breed or rear. If you are looking to add a healthy and quality puppy to your family that will not cost you down the line it is important to learn about the health of the puppies relatives in advance.

If you are looking for a puppy during a time that we do not have any dogs available, let us know and we can refer you to another reputable breeder or direct you to visit the Breeder's Directory.